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Microsoft Teams Rooms Helpdesk Services

Keep Talking to Humans With Solotech​

Technical Support for People, by People

Following Microsoft’s changes regarding the Microsoft Teams Rooms licenses, the MTR Standard and MTR Premium features are now combined in the new MTR Pro license.

With this new license, you can access Microsoft Managed Services to monitor and update MTR devices and peripherals proactively.​ ​But what if you need to speak with someone?

Solotech’s Offering

Comprehensive Support for Microsoft Teams Rooms
Solotech’s MTR PRO Helpdesk Services are a complement to Microsoft’s MTR PRO proactive monitoring and management services.
Our combined expertise provides the customer with a holistic support approach, facilitating the problem-resolution process.

Global Coverage:
• Certified Microsoft MTR Partner
• 24/7/365 Uninterrupted Live Human Assistance
• Bilingual Helpdesk
• Certified Microsoft MTR Partner
• 360-degree Approach
• Single Helpdesk for Audiovisual and/or MTR Support

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